On your Mark, Get set, Broker!

Are you a motivated person that is great on the phone, good with people and have a knack for making money? If so, you are a perfect candidate to become a freight broker. Whether you have worked in the transportation industry as a broker, agent, or trucker, we can help you break the financial chains of working for the "OTHER GUY", or add to your bottom line by adding brokerage services to your portfolio. New to freight brokering? No problem, we have fantastic broker training opportunities available.  more...

ATTN FREIGHT BROKERS, The Unified Carrier Registration Act of 2005 will require you to register and pay the appropriate fee starting in the year 2007. See our website for this HERE


If you are ready to become a freight broker, click here. We will explain how we can get you brokering freight in as soon as
2 1/2 weeks.